Wrestling at the Paralympic Games

Wrestling had one of the shortest Paralympic Games career of all sports, it featured in just two successive Games, the first coming at Arnhem in 1980. At both these games there were only men’s events. Each event was separated by weight class, which ranged from 48kg to 100kg. The sport was highly dominated by the Americans, in what was a short life time.

It is unknown why the sport was removed, and sets it amongst basketball id, lawn bowls, snooker, dartchery and weightlifting in the list of discontinued summer Paralympic sports.

While it did feature in the Paralympic Games, the rules and regulations of the sport were very similar to that of able-bodied wrestling. There were events for athletes who were paraplegic. Along with events for those with either disabilities from the waist up or down, in each respective weight class. The aim of the game was simple, earn as many points as possible in order to beat your opponent. Points were scored for performing specific movements that bring opponents to the floor, to get them in a hold or have an upper hand on them.

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