Para-Badminton at the Paralympic Games

Para-badminton has featured in the world championships since 1990 in Amersfoort. However, the sport is yet to make its Paralympic debut. But, that is all about to change following a decision by the IPC to include the sport in Tokyo 2020. Since the sport first began competitively in Amersfoort, it has grown and grown in popularity. More than 60 countries currently participate in the sport, competing in a number of different classes.

The sport is open for both male and female athletes, in a range of different impairment classifications. These include; wheelchair 1&2, standing lower 3&4, standing upper and standing stature. Thanks to these classes, athletes with various disabilities such as lower/upper limb impairments can compete.

In the lead up to the 2020 Paralympic Games the Badminton World Federation has setup a plan to promote the sport. Firstly, they are focusing on integrating para-badminton and badminton structures on a national and global level. Also, they wish to increase the number of participants at grass roots level. Specifically, the federation wants to improve the quality of performance leading up to the games. They will do this through a strong international competition regularly in each nation.

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