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Dartchery at the Paralympic Games

Dartchery was one of the eight sports that was unveiled at the first edition of the Summer Paralympic Games that was held in Rome, Italy in 1960. There were three events at stake in dartchery in the Paralympics: mixed pairs (1960 to 1980) and the men’s pairs and women’s pairs (1972 to 1980).

The sport of dartchery is an amalgam of darts and archery, that requires competitors to use bows and arrows that are similar to ones that are used in archery and to hit a dart board-like target. The sport’s gameplay and scoring bears resemblance to that of darts, where competitors begin from 301 points. The first team or player to reduce their points to zero emerges as the winner of the match.

dart board target dart board target

Matches are played as singles or in teams. In a match, teams or players take turn shooting at the target from 20-yard distance. Each team or player is given three attempts to shoot the arrows in the target circle which offer different points.

In terms of the most medals won in the Paralympics, United States ranks first with six (6) medals thanks to its 2-2-2 gold-silver-bronze medal haul from 1960 to 1980. On the other end, West Germany has the most number of gold medals won in the sport with three (3) gold medals.

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