Boccia at the Paralympic Games

Boccia is an individual, pair and team sport, which originally started out as a leisure activity. The Swedish adopted the traditional Italian game from “bocce” into “boccia” for disabled athletes. The 1984 Paralympics in New York saw the introduction of Boccia, making it only the second Paralympic-specific sport.

Boccia is a sport of tactics and precision, the sport was initially designed for athletes with cerebral palsy. In today’s game, athletes with conditions that affect their motor skills can also play.

Played on an indoor court, the game is very straightforward. One individual/team has six red balls whilst the other has six blue balls. There is a white ball, known as the “jack” which both individuals/teams must try get as close as possible to. Initially one team will throw the jack, then their first ball, then the opposition will throw, then back to the first team, and so on. In essence the individual/team who is closer to the jack with all their throws, wins the game.

Rio 2016

There is intense competition heading into the 2016 Rio Paralympic games. In March of this year, the BISFed Individual World Championship title surprisingly went to Great Britain. Whilst Hong Kong, who were the favourites, had to settle for bronze. Stephen McGuire the British athlete will be looking to extend his dominance, whilst Yuk Wing Leung will be out for revenge. It is safe to say the BC4 individual event will be exciting to watch.

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