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Arab University Games for Beach Sports

The first Arab University Games for Beach Sports was held in Agadir in the Kingdom of Morocco from 3 to 6 November 2016, in which nine Arab countries participated: Jordan, UAE, Algeria, Oman, Sudan, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco. The games included beach volleyball, Beach football and Road Race.

The session was held on the beach of the city of Agadir under the patronage of Mrs. Zeinab El-Adawi, the governor of Sousa Massa, the labor worker of Agadir, in the presence of HE Dr. Said Hamad El Hassani, President of the Arab University Sports Federation, Dr. Omar Abdel Aziz Al-Hai, Secretary General, President of the International University of Agadir and Mr. Abdel Aziz Takhabart, the Secretary General of the Royal Moroccan University for Sports and a number of members of the Arab university Sports Federation and sports leaders in the Kingdom of Morocco.

2016 Results

Beach Football  Male students
1- Morocco
2- UAE
3- Egypt

Beach volleyball Male students
1- Oman
2- Lebanon
3- UAE

Beach volleyball Female students
1- Morocco
2- Egypt
3- Algeria

Road Race 10 km Male students
1 - Yousef bin Hadi Morocco
2 - Hesham Amgar Morocco
3 - Abdel-Razin Morocco

Road Race 10 km - FemaleStudents
1- Sanaa Al-Mansouri, Morocco
2 - Aisha Ghareeb Morocco
3 - Shaima Gad Morocco

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