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Arab School Games

The earliest editions of the Arab School Games were arranged by the sporting authorities of Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria for competition between school students from these countries.

At the first event held in Beirut, Lebanon in 1949 there were four countries taking part: Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria. There were three sports at this first event: Football, basketball, and volleyball. These sports have been played since the inaugural event, and athletics since 1951.

After a break, the Games was relaunched in the early 1960s under Arab League sponsorship.

In the early events, only boys were allowed to compete. Female students were first allowed to participate in 1973. Modern editions are organized by the Arab Union for Physical Education and School Sports (AUPESS).


No. Year Host
- 1949 Beirut, Lebanon
- 1951 Egypt
- 1952 Syria
- 1954 Lebanon
1 1963 Kuwait
2 1964 [not held]
3 1966 Syria
4 1971 Baghdad, Iraq
5 1973 Beirut, Lebanon
6 1975 Egypt
7 1977 Libya
8 1979 Somalia
9 1986 Tunisia
10 [not held]
11 [not held]
12 1998 Casablanca, Morocco
13 2000 [not held]
14 2002 Beirut, Lebanon
15 2004 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
16 2006 Algeria
17 2008 Jordan
18 2010 Lebanon
19 2012 Kuwait

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