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The Women’s Islamic Games

Starting in 1993, the Women’s Islamic Games have become an international platform for Muslim women athletes worldwide. This event, organized by the IFWS organization, has seen four representations worldwide – starting from 1993 to 2005. Unfortunately, the event has not succeeded in carrying on its legacy after 2005 – primarily due to falling off in international favor.

The main goals of these events were to provide an opportunity for Muslim women who could not participate in games held by international forums due to lack of proper attire and Islamic teachings related to proper and protective clothing for women.

The event also boosted that one of its main goals was to “instill in Muslim women a global sense of competitiveness at international, national and regional platform” – Source: Wikipedia. The IFWS organization also claimed that the event should be of proper international standing, meaning that proper international rules and guidelines will be imposed where appropriate and a record of all participants will be maintained. Unfortunately for IFWS, they have failed to live up to this latter claim since the event could not be re-organized after its last appearance in 2005.

The number of participant countries who won at least a single medal in Women’s Islamic games is 25 with Iran leading the pack with a massive total of 494 medals followed by Kazakhstan (72) and Kyrgyzstan (72) as well. The number of sports played per event has also evolved over the repetition of this event after every four years till 2005, with the different types of sports being played hitting an upper bound limit of 18 in 2005. Women’s Islamic games also managed to attract 1316 athletes in its last appearance in 2005.

The next Women’s Islamic Games

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