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The Enhanced Games - Olympics on Steroids

The Enhanced Games is a proposed Olympic-type competition that would allow (even encourage) competitors to take performance-enhancing drugs without WADA restrictions, to test the limits of human potential.

The Enhanced Games is just a new concept proposed in 2024 by Australian entrepreneur Aron D’Souza, and no date nor venue for the inaugural edition of the Games has been announced. The Games may include events in athletics, aquatics, gymnastics, strength and combat.

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After the announcement of this possible sporting event, there have been many comments about the benefits and disadvantages of such a concept.

Here are the Positives

Advocates for allowing all athletes to take performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) argue several potential positive aspects of this approach. Foremost, allowing all athletes to use PEDs creates a level playing field where everyone has access to the same enhancements. The proponents of the Enhanced Games are looking to push the limits of human endeavor. Allowing unfettered use of performance-enhancing drugs will push the boundaries of human potential and provide entertainment value to spectators. By freely allowing such use, it can bring drug use out in the open and under the guidance of medical professionals, ensuring safer usage and monitoring for potential health risks.

Buy it is not all good

The announcement of the Enhancement Games has not been positively received by all. While the above arguments for the free use of PEDs may have some merit, it's essential to consider the potential negative consequences of allowing all athletes to take PEDs, including health risks, unfair advantages for those with access to more potent substances or better medical supervision, and the erosion of the spirit of fair competition.

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