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The Special Olympics World Games

The Special Olympics organization is the world’s largest sports organization for children and adults with any intellectual disability. For over 40 years this organization has been spreading the message that people with intellectual disabilities can succeed if given a chance on a proper platform. The organization conducts the Special Olympics World Games, held every two years alternating between summer and winter.

snow shoe event at the 2017 Winter World Games snow shoe event at the 2017 Winter World Games

The first international Special Olympics were held at Soldier Field in Chicago in 1968. In this one day event, about 1500 athletes from Canada and the USA participated. The US Olympics Committee gave them official approval to use the name “Olympics” in 1971.

The Special Olympics offers more than 32 sports which include both Olympic-type Individual and team sports. Sports availability depends on the season and venue of the Olympics.

The next Special Olympics World Games

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