AGBU Games

There have been many multi-sport events held around the world sponsored by the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), such as the AGBU World Games, AGBU European Games and the AGBU South American Games. These events appear to be discontinued.

AGBU World Games

These small games began in Beirut, Lebanon in 1955 and after several editions, began to be hosted in other locations around the world. The last known World Games event was held in 2012 in Los Angeles.

1955 Beirut, Lebanon
1956 Beirut, Lebanon
1959 Beirut, Lebanon
1960 Beirut, Lebanon
1961 Beirut, Lebanon
1963 Beirut, Lebanon
1966 Beirut, Lebanon
1971 Beirut, Lebanon
1982 Nicosia, Cyprus
1985 Geneva, Switzerland
1987 Geneva, Switzerland
1989 Buenos Aires, Argentina
1992 Los Angeles, USA
1995 Paris, France
1998 Sydney, Australia
2000 Buenos Aires, Argentina
2004 Albena, Bulgaria


2012 Los Angles, USA

AGBU European Games

The AGBU European Games also has a long history, thogh details are aonly known about recent events. 2002 Vienna, Austria (the XIth?) and 2003 Vienna, Austria (the XIIth?).

AGBU South American Games

The AGBU South American Games were held in 2002 in Montevideo, Uruguay.


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