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Weightlifting Two Hand Lift

The men's two hand lift was one of the two weightlifting events that was a part of the inaugural Olympics in 1896 (the other was one hand lift). After its absence in 1900, the event was included again in for the 1904 games and the intercalated games in 1906. The event was discontinued from the Olympics after that.

For the two hand lift athletes used a technique similar to current day clean and jerk. All contestants had to finish their attempt before moving on to the next attempt. Each lifter had three attempts for each weight setting. After all participants finished their three attempts, the top three lifters were awarded three more attempts to better their lifts.


1896 Olympic Games

In 1896, only six athletes contested for the event. Viggo Jensen of Denmark was awarded the gold medal for his 111.5 kg lift. Launceston Elliot of Great Britain, who also lifted 111.5kg was handed the silver medal. Jensen was favored over Elliot for his better form on the lift. Sotirios Versis of Greece took the bronze medal.

  1. Viggo Jensen (Den)
  2. Launceston Elliot (GBR)
  3. Carl Schuhmann (Ger)

1904 Olympic Games

In the 1904 edition, only four athletes took part and Perikles Kakousis of Greece won the gold medal with a 111.70 kg lift. Oscar Osthoff from the United States won the silver and Frank Kugler, also from the United States took the bronze.

  1. Perikles Kakousis (Grc)
  2. Oscar Osthoff (USA)
  3. Frank Kugler (USA)

1906 Intercalated Games

  1. Dimitrios Tofalos (Grc)
  2. Josef Steinbach (Aut)
  3. Alexandre Maspoli (Fra)

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