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Cycling Races at the 1908 London Olympic Games

There were seven track cycling events on the Olympic program for the 1908 London Olympics, only one, the team pursuit, is still held today. Here are the other events that are discontinued.

One-Lap Race (660 Yards)

  1. Victor Johnson GBR 51.2
  2. Émile Demangel FRA
  3. Karl Neumer GER

1km Sprint

No medalists - the race was declared void as the time limit was exceeded in final

5000 Metres Track Race

  1. Benjamin Jones GBR 8:36.2
  2. Maurice Schilles FRA
  3. André Auffray FRA

20,000 Metres Track Race

  1. Clarence Kingsbury GBR 34:13.6
  2. Benjamin Jones GBR
  3. Joseph Werbrouck BEL

100 Kilometres Track Race

  1. Charles Bartlett GBR 2:41:48.6
  2. Charles Denny GBR
  3. Octave Lapize FRA

2000m Tandem (more about the 2000m Tandem)

  1. André Auffray and Maurice Schilles (FRA)
  2. Frederick Hamlin and Horace Johnson (GBR)
  3. Charlie Brooks and Walter Isaacs (GBR)

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