Men's Stone Throw

The men's stone throw was a throwing event that was contested as a part of the intercalated games in 1906. Unlike the current day shot put event where the weight is thrown from the neck position, the stone throw event allowed for athletes to throw the weight in any manner.

The event was held alongside the regular shot put event in the intercalated games. This was however the last time the men's stone throw event was conducted and it was never included in the regular Olympics.

The competition in 1906 was to throw a 14 pounds (6.35 kg) weight. A total of 16 athletes from eight countries took part in the event. Nikolaos Georgantas of Greece, the hosting nation, won the gold medal. The then 26 year old threw for a distance of 19.925 meters.

Martin Sheridan from the United States, who was competing in the event as a replacement for the injured Jim Mitchel, took the silver medal. The then 25 year old was about a meter short with his throw measuring 19.035 meters.

Mikhail Dorizas, also from the hosting nation Greece, took the bronze medal with his best throw that was half a meter short of the second place finisher.

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