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There have been mascots associated with sporting teams for a long time - the first college mascot was an English bulldog named "Handsome Dan" who was adopted as the Yale University mascot in 1889.

ice hockey mascot ice hockey mascot

A mascot is defined as any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck. Mascots have been used by many sporting teams in the form of a costumed person at matches to rev up the supporters. In more recent times, the mascots have an additional purpose and are used for merchandising too.

Mascots can be based on many things, here are a few examples:

Top Mascots

Here are the Top-10 mascots as listed by the website. Just USA sports teams here.

rank mascot team
1 San Diego Chicken San Diego Padres
2 Harvey the Hound Calgary Flames
3 Phillie Phanatic Philadelphia Phillies
4 Go (Gorilla) Phoenix Suns
5 Rally Monkey Anaheim Angels
6 PAWS Detroit Tigers
7 The Orioles Bird Baltimore Orioles
8 Wild Wing Anaheim Ducks
9 Rocky Denver Nuggets
10 Youppi! Montreal Canadiens

world cup mascotMascot Hall of Fame

Between 2005 and 2008 USA sports team mascots were inducted into a 'Mascot Hall of Fame'. There does not seem to be any recent inductees - maybe no one has been worthy recently. Inductees only from professional sports are shown here. To be eligible for nomination the mascot must must have had, or continues to have, a major impact on their sport, and/or community.

year mascot team
2008 Slider Cleveland Indians
Super Mascot Rocky Denver Nuggets
2007 The Coyote San Antonio Spurs
Mr. Met New York Mets
2006 Clutch the Bear Houston Rocket's Mascot
The Jazz Bear Utah Jazz's Mascot
KC Wolf Kansas City Chief's Mascot
2005 The Famous Chicken San Diego, CA
The Phillie Phanatic The Philadelphia Phillies
The Suns Gorilla The Phoenix Suns

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