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Narodne Sportove Centrum, Slovakia

The Narodne Sportove Centrum is Slovak Republic’s most famous sports center working under Ministry of Sports, Education, Science and Research. From here it’s clear that education of athletes is also facilitated by NSC.  Its exclusively designed health diagnostic domain ensures athletes fitness and power skills etc., for their improved performance.  In 2004, NSC was formally established by merging two sports domains; the National Institute of Sports and the Academic Sports Centre. 

From swimming to cycling and skiing, Narodne Sportove Centrum facilitates each and every athlete across the state. With cooperation of Ministry of Pupils, national sports associations and legal entities, NSC provide methodological supervision and guidance to sports competitions pupils for better performance. The center also organizes competitions at school level under its section ‘School Sports’. This is the best way of bringing the young talented students in sports world. 

Narodne Sportove Centrum provides all necessary technical, scientific and medical facilities to athletes so that they can remarkably perform for any national or international events. Education is not limited to sports men or women only but coaches, referees, sports officials and even doctors can get benefit of this facility furnished by Narodne Sportove Centrum. Besides, NSC offers sports and training consultancy services coupled with fitness training and counseling through expert professionals.

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