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Topend Sports Newsletter: 24 February 2016

Complete LIST of SPORTS 

I am very excited to be near completion of a project on Topend Sports to list and summarize all the sports of the world.
Once I started this project I realized that to cover every sport in the world was an impossible goal. I have been able to list over 600 sports, and I am confident that every major competitive sport has been covered. I challenge you to find a sport not on the list. (see the list)
As I progressed through my list, I regularly had to refer to my definition of what is a sport, and subsequently a list of questionable sports was also made. Would you include e-gaming or dancing?
In my research I have come across some surprising sports that I was previously unaware of. Even last night I came across another which I would even like to try - Hantis - a cross between football (soccer) and table tennis (ping pong). It is just one of the hundreds of interesting sports from around the world.
Other Recently Added Content to Topend Sports
Coming Soon
This week the NFL Scouting Combine is being held in Indianapolis, which always provides lots of interesting fitness testing stats. I will be publishing and analyzing the data as it comes in, and updating the Combine Best All-Time Lists.

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