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Topend Sports Newsletter: 21 September 2015

In the News: Weight Loss is Simple

The health industry's conflicting messages has made weight loss seem so hard. Dietitians have forever been pushing the simple advice of balancing 'energy in' versus 'energy out' for weight loss. This latest research has simplified things even more - just drink water.



A study by researchers from the University of Birmingham in the U.K found that drinking the equivalent of a large glass of water half an hour before every meal was very effective for weight loss. The reason is that you feel fuller and therefore eat less at each meal. It is such a simple strategy to try, remembering to do it may be the hardest part.



So for those people who are looking to lose weight, there is less emphasis on eating the perfect diet, and less worrying about the latest diet trends. Simply drink more water before meals, and you will eat less of all foods without even realising. The researchers advocate following this method with a little activity and eating healthy foods. Now, we just need a celebrity to endorse this method and the media to get on board, and it could change the world!


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