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Newsletter: 10th March 2015

Sports Science News Alert #015

Cricket World Cup Edition

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Welcome to the sport science alert newsletter brought to you by Topend Sports, the ultimate online sport and science resource. This week the topic is about the sport of cricket, a hot topic in many parts of the world as the Cricket World Cup is currently being played in Australia (go the Aussies). In a recent newsletter we discussed sports fans, and cricket was second behind football on some lists. It is very popular in many parts of the world. Although the attraction of the game may be a mystery to those not brought up on it, even those unfamiliar should be impressed with the passion of the fans and appreciate the skill involved.


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Cricket at the Olympic Games

Olympic Cricket Poster

It is a little known fact that cricket once made an appearance at the Olympic Games, at the second Games in Paris 1900.

Only one match was played with a team from England (Devon & Somerset Wanderers Cricket Club) taking on a French team (made up mostly of Englishmen, British Embassy staff who secured a few days off from the office!).

England won the very one-sided match, scoring 117 & 145 for 5 declared against 78 & 26 in a twelve-a-side match

The lack of competing nations and the one-sided affair did not bode well for further inclusion in the Olympic Games, and it has not been seen on the Olympic program again, and although cricket fans are hopeful it is unlikely to reappear any time soon



That's all for this week. For you cricket fans hope you enjoy the rest of the tournament, and good luck if your team is still in the competition. Thanks for reading and see you in two weeks. 

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