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Fitness Edition - Alert #4

Bringing you the latest news in sport, science, fitness and nutrition

Welcome to another Topend Sports newsletter. Thanks to your feedback, based on what some of my readers said I have decided to make these newsletters a little less regular and with hopefully more interesting content. And occasionally, like this time, there will be a theme - in this edition we focus on fitness. Enjoy - Rob

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Interactive Gyms — forget wearable fitness sensors, a new product is placing the sensors around the gym. This system uses 3D cameras, motion sensors and TV monitors to track and quantify a range of exercises using sensors embedded in the gym floor.

Fitness HolidaysSocial media stars are luring people to go on fitness holidays. These trips are not for weight loss, the people who go are already fit and prepared to pay thousands of dollars. It is not surprising that there are a lot of guys and girls who would want to go on holiday with Amanda Bisk (Instagram).

Amanda Bisk (Instagram)Bisk


On Topend Sports: AFL Combine

The Australian Rules Football annual combine was on this week. Tests include vertical jump, 20m sprint, repeat sprints, beep test, but no test of strength? Jack Hiscox broke the all-time combine record in the 3km time trial - running 9 min 18 sec. See all the results for the 2014 combine on Topend Sports.

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