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Hi, and welcome to another newsletter from the Topend Sports website. In this edition there is some interesting news from around the web, our usual products reviews and a great deal on a personalized diet meal plan.

Around the Web:

Video: Nike Sport Research Lab

A fascinating inside look at the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab, where the Nike scientists unlock vital athlete insights and analyze performance data to help designers create their footwear, apparel and sports equipment.

New Product: Apple Watch

Apple recently unveiled a new smartwatch, and one of its major selling points is its use as a comprehensive health and fitness device. A lot like currently available trackers like the fitbit, the Apple Watch will track your heart rate, measure your movement, and estimate the calories you've burned.

New on Topend Sports: Tapeworm Diet Anyone?

I have spent some time collecting information about popular diets, including some pretty bizarre fad diets, and the most bizarre prize goes to the tapeworm diet. I am not surprised that some people do actually try this extreme measure diet. The idea is to ingest a tapeworm, which then shares your gut and consumes some of your calories. No doubt you will also feel unwell and will eat less food too. Read more about the Tapeworm Diet.

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