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Fitness Testing Newsletter: 16 Jan 2008

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In this newsletter I will write about the latest addition to the Fitness testing website - videos. I have been able to search the popular video sharing website YouTube to find relevant videos to complement the test procedures that form the majority of my site. These videos are not associated with the website, and are used solely to demonstrate how some of the tests are performed in the field. What you will see on these is that the tests are not always done close to standard procedure.

Test Examples

Reading my descriptions of fitness tests it is not always easy to picture in your head how to actually perform the test. While the procedures performed may not always match exactly the text, they will give you an insight into how to implement whichever procedures you chose to include. There are videos of the beep test, vertical jump and sit ups, plus many more. You can find links to all of the test video examples here:

About this Newsletter

Fitness testing news and latest information, including notification of updates to the ultimate source of all fitness testing information - 'Rob's Home of Fitness Testing'. Topics covered include methods for measuring body fat, shuttle run beep test issues, strength and power testing and much more.


Thank you for your ongoing support of my site.

Rob Wood

Rob's Home of Fitness Testing

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