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Fitness Testing Newsletter: Nov 12, 2007

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In this issue

In this issue we profile a common fitness test, the Vertical Jump Test.

Vertical Jump Techniques

The vertical jump test is a common fitness test of explosive leg power. In the most simple form of the test, athletes stand up against a wall and the standing reach height is recorded. They then jump and touch the wall at the peak of the jump. The vertical jump test results is the difference between these two measures, therefore the result is independent of a person's height.

There are variations of this procedure, such as whether the arms may be used to help propel the body upwards, and limitations on the amount and speed of knee bend. Some sport-specific variations also allow a single step or 3-5 step approach.

Vertical Jump Equipment

There are various vertical jump apparatus available for measuring vertical jump height. Each has its advantage and disadvantages.

More details of each of these apparatus

Vertical Jump Video Examples

A new addition to the fitness testing website is video examples of fitness tests. There are a few examples of vertical jumping techniques, including using a very impressive 40" (102 cm) vertical jump using the Just Jump Timing Mat System, and examples of jumps using the Vertec® vertical jump Apparatus, including an instruction video.

These plus other examples can be seen by following this link:

Vertical Jump Scores

The world record vertical jump has been reported as up to 61" (155 cm) by Kadour Ziani (other reports for top leaps for Kadour range from 56"/142cm upwards). He stands 5'10 tall (177.8 cm). NBA Superstar Michael Jordan had a best jump of 48" (122 cm), still well above the NBA average of 28" (71 cm). For males, anything above 28 inches or 70 cm is excellent. An average score would be 16-20 inches (40-50 cm). For females, an excellent score would be above 24 inches or 60 cm. An average score would be between 12-16 inches (30-40 cm). see more results

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