Snooker at the Paralympic Games

Snooker featured in the Paralympic Games right from the beginning, during 1960 in Rome. It was included in the programme for the next 28 years, excluding the 1980 games. However in 1988 the sport took place in Seoul for the last time. To this day, it is unknown why exactly the sport was dropped. Many people suggest that snooker is not an athletic sport and that is why it has been removed.

The events included throughout these years were for male participants only, and the rules were similar to that of the able-bodied snooker. The event format was simple, there were 4 groups were participants competed against each other. The player with the best score proceeded to the knockout-stages, where the winner was determined. Two bronze medals were awarded, one to each of the semi-final losers, with the winners battling it out for gold in the final.

Although snooker was discontinued from the Paralympic Games, snooker fanatics around the world are hopeful that it will be included in the near future, specifically Tokyo 2020. In 2015, the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association was created to raise awareness about the sport. They have been promoting the opportunity for disabled athletes through grass roots level and competition. Snooker being introduced to the Paralympic Programme is a real possibility and could only be positive news for all disabled athletes.

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