Para-triathlon at the Paralympic Games

Para-triathlon made its debut at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. The sport is for both men and women, it is a combination of swimming, running and cycling. It is practiced by 37 countries, 27 of which have held their own national championships. The world championships first took place in Australia during 2009.

Those with physical and visual impairments can compete in the games. Athletes complete in three events in succession: 750m of swimming, 20km of cycling and 5km of running. For the cycling part of the race, athletes may use a bicycle, tandem bicycle or handcycle. In the final 5km run, athletes may use a wheelchair if necessary.

Rules and regulations make sure that athletes with visual impairments can be assisted without gaining an unfair advantage. To do so, these athletes will receive a guide to help them through the race.

Para-Triathlon joined Para-canoeing as the two new sports to be included in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Bill Chaffey, the five time world champion, made his debut at the Paralympics in Rio 2016.

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