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Bernard Hinault: Cycling

Bernard Hinault (born: November 14, 1954) is a former French cyclist known for his five victories in the Tour de France. He was raised in a commune in northwestern France and started professional cycling in 1974. Hinault is one of the only six cyclists to win all three Grand Tours, and the one of only two cyclists to win more than once. He left cycling at the peak of his career, retiring in November of 1986, five days before his 32nd birthday.

Greatest Sporting Achievements

Bernard Hinault has a record of 250 professional victories, 52 time trial victories and accomplished five Tour de France titles, two second-place finishes, a Mountains Jersey and a Points Jersey. He won first, third and fifth place in the World Championship Road Race. Hinault’s record of 28 stage victories in the Tour. In 1979 race and 1981 race, he won the 7 stages and 5 stages respectfully. He also won the season-long Super Prestige Pernod International competition four consecutive times up to 1982, equaling Jacques Anquetil.

Why Was He So Good?

Hinault was nicknamed “The Badger” because of his fighting style when cornered, he was a whole rider who could mount, dash and time trial with the best. Although overconfident and shy of media hype, he didn’t devote more attention to the fans and because of his competitive spirit, he admitted that “I race to win, not to please people.”

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