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Good Form Chinups

November 26th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Chin Ups

Here is a lady doing a maximum chin up test. A great example of a chin up test, showing very good form and a definite maximum effort. Well done.


  • masoud

    plz. you send to me all max records of standard physical fitness tests.

  • ebrahim

    plz-video of sit up- chin up- squat
    thank you

  • Ole Diver

    These were very good chins.
    Most of the big weight lifter guys could never do what she did.
    They don’t go all the way up and usually never go all the way down.
    My wife could do 10 chins when she was 60. That was probably as good as it gets.
    Most men at age 60 cannot do one.
    She is 71 now and can barely do one.
    I am 73 and can do 12 , but I working my way to be able to do over 20.
    When I was a competitive gymnast I could do well over 30.

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