Canoeing and Kayaking at the Olympics

Canoe and Kayak races at the Olympic Games are held on both flat water with competitors assigned to lanes (Sprint Events), and in slalom events. There are single, double and four boats. The kayak boats are identified by the letter “K” while the canoes are prefixed by a “C”, with the following number indicating the number of paddlers. Below is a list of all the events that are currently on the Olympic program. Sprint events have been contested since Montreal 1976.

Events at the 2016 Rio Games

Since the Olympics in 2008, the Men's 500m sprint events for both Kayak and Canoe have been dropped and replaced by the shorter 200m races. For the women, all 500m races are retained and one 200m Kayak sprint added.

Flatwater / Sprint


  • C-1 1000m (canoe single) Men
  • C-1 200m (canoe single) Men
  • C-2 1000m (canoe double) Men
  • K-1 1000m (kayak single) Men
  • K-1 200m (kayak single) Men
  • K-2 1000m (kayak double) Men
  • K-2 500m (kayak double) Men
  • K-4 1000m (kayak four) Men
  • K-1 500m (kayak single) Women
  • K-1 200m (kayak single) Women
  • K-2 500m (kayak double) Women
  • K-4 500m (kayak four) Women
  • C-1 (canoe single) Men
  • C-2 (canoe double) Men
  • K-1 (kayak single) Men
  • K-1 (kayak single) Women



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