Bahamas at the Olympics

The Bahamas first competed at the Olympic Games in 1952, and have attended all Games since then except when they joined the 1980 boycott. Their total of 5 golds (after 2012) makes them one of the most successful nations at the Olympics per capita. Their medals have been won in athletics and sailing.

Bahamas has been part of the Olympic Games since the 1952 Summer Games held in Helsinki, Finland. And the very next outing, they had their first taste of Olympic honors. In 1956, sailors Durward Knowles and Sloan Farrington took the bronze medal in the star class. Having sent only four athletes to represent them in the Summer Games which was held in Melbourne, Australia, a bronze medal is not bad at all.

They first tasted Olympic gold however in 1964 when Durward Knowles, along with Cecil Cooke took the top spot on the same sport in Tokyo, Japan. It was 28 years before Bahamas won another Olympic medal, when Frank Rutherford took the bronze in men’s triple jump (athletics) in Barcelona, Spain. From that point on, Bahamas have been fairly consistent when it comes to winning an event or two in the Summer Games. Being an island country, it is probably not a surprise that athletics and sailing is by far where Bahamas excels in.

Since the 1952 Summer Games, Bahamas has missed only one outing. This is when they participated in the 1980 US-led boycott of the Summer Games which was held in Moscow, Russia.

As with most island nations of its size and location, Bahamas have never competed in the Winter Games.


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