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How can you tell you are a moke driver?

  1. You avoid taking too many mates to the pub as the extra weight slows the car down.
  2. You find yourself saying 'It goes better with just me in it'.
  3. You're the only guy in the service station holding the nozzle right out of the hole and peering in.
  4. You say to your passengers 'when it touches the red, I have about another 5 kms left'.
  5. You rehearse your lines before the police pull you over. "Exhaust? Loud?"
  6. You are an expert at 'identifying cars from just the headlamps and...
  7. You keep saying 'is that a moke behind, looks like moke lights... oh it's .not'.
  8. The rear side bins are used to hold oil cans and bottles of water.
  9. You plan which engine parts to take as spares on long trips.
  10. Your parking space on the drive has a piece of oily carpet lying on it.
  11. You don't buy anything that won't fit in your moke.
  12. You leave friends behind, rather than getting a bigger car when going on holiday.
  13. You wave at people in a moke, and they look at you as if you are driving an alien space craft.?? umm hang on I am driving an alien space craft.
  14. You go shopping alone so you can put your stuff on the passenger seat.
  15. You analyse possible girl friends on their ability to fit in your car, and the amount of luggage they might perceivable wish to carry on holiday, "one pair of knickers will do you for a week darling"
  16. You live in fear of fat girls coming up and saying nice car and then asking you for a ride, cause you know they will beat you to a pulp when you tell them they won't fit.
  17. When you jet-wash the car, people come and say "it won't grow, no matter how much you water it!
  18. You can't park anywhere without some old duffer telling you that he had a Moke in the 70's!
  19. You think a 1.3 is a big engine.
  20. The only way to get the whole family to town is taking both moke's.
  21. You think a ford escort is big.
  22. You borrow a golf cart tire when yours is flat.
  23. You say to the policeman "130 kms per hour? I've only got 100 on the clock!"

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