Stop Hunger Diet

The Stop Hunger Diet is not anything new, nor does it use some quirky, unusual or unique technique to help you lose weight - it is a simple diet based on sound methodology. What makes this diet special and unique is the meaning you put into your weight loss.

The diet was created in response to the caloric imbalance in the world - while there is chronic overeating in many parts of the world, there is also starvation in others. The diet encourages dieters to funnel their savings from eating less and spending less on junk food into worthwhile causes to stop hunger around the world - and if you follow the advice on this site it means you won't need to go hungry yourself.

The diet is simple, by following five simple rules, you will lose weight, save some money, while also helping those in need.

  1. Eat Breakfast Every Day
  2. Eat Only Fruit Snacks Between Meals
  3. Eat Two Vegetarian Main Meals Every Week
  4. Drink a Glass of Water Before Every Meal
  5. Learn to Enjoy Diet Foods

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