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Here are a few ideas to save money as well as increase your daily activity level to increase your energy expenditure to assist with weight loss. Not all of these ideas will be appropriate to your situation, but hopefully there are some good ideas for you to utilise.

Leave the Car at Home

By riding a bike to work or walking to the local shops, you are not only doing a little bit of extra activity, but also saving on fuel, doing your bit for the environment, plus reducing your stress levels. Who wouldn't want to do this?

Sack Your Cleaner

Did you know that an hour of light house cleaning duties burns 190 calories / 798 kilojoules. If you are paying someone else to do this work for you, that's exercise you're not getting, plus money you can be saving. Here is the bonus - you will have a clean house too!

Exercise can be Free

Gym membership, walking machines and other fitness equipment can be expensive. Alternative ways to exercise is to take your dog for a walk, walk to the shops instead of driving, take the kids to the playground and do a few laps yourself, walk to a colleagues desk to ask a question rather than emailing, take the stairs intead of the lift.


1. Lose Weight!

The first aim of any weight loss program is to lose weight, the second aim of course is to keep it off. Not all diets are very good at one or both of these. By following these dietician designed "Stop Hunger Diet: 5 Rules to Live By", you will lose weight, not fast, but healthily and consistently, plus you will learn good habits that will help you keep off the weight. Good luck, and let us know how you go.

2. Save Money!

Our diet guidelines are designed to find the cheaper way of eating that is healthy and lower in calories. That way you not only feel great because you are losing weight, but you are also feeling better because you have more money in your pocket. See these extra money saving dietary ideas. Any diet requires a balance between the energy input (food) and the energy output. Here are a few simple money saving exercise ideas.

3. Save Lives!

So while losing weight and feeling great yourself, why not help someone else in need. 100% of income from the advertising on the 'Stop Hunger Diet' pages will be donated to projects which support feeding the world's hungry. You don't have to do anything, just visit these pages, give some feedback, and pass on the message. Or, you can do something. Have a look at how much we have donated so far, and where the money is going.

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