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starving girl - from the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionThe Stop Hunger Diet is not a revolutionary diet using some quirky, unusual or unique technique to help you lose weight - it is a simple diet based on tried and tested methods. What makes this diet special is the meaning you put into your weight loss efforts.

The diet idea was concieved by the husband and wife team, Rob and Clare Wood, as a response to the overeating in many parts of the world, and the starvation in others. Through it's fund raising effort, the Stop Hunger Group will be helping those who are going hungry around the world - and if you follow the advice on this site it means you won't need to go hungry yourself. We need your support to help it grow, raise money and spread the word (see how to help).

The diet is simple, by following these five simple rules, you will lose weight, save some money (who wouldn't want to), while also helping those in need.

This diet will help in three simple steps:

1. Lose Weight!

The first aim of any weight loss program is to lose weight, the second aim of course is to keep it off. Not all diets are very good at one or both of these. By following these dietician designed "Stop Hunger Diet: 5 Rules to Live By", you will lose weight, not fast, but healthily and consistently, plus you will learn good habits that will help you keep off the weight. Good luck, and let us know how you go.

2. Save Money!

Our diet guidelines are designed to find the cheaper way of eating that is healthy and lower in calories. That way you not only feel great because you are losing weight, but you are also feeling better because you have more money in your pocket. See these extra money saving dietary ideas. Any diet requires a balance between the energy input (food) and the energy output. Here are a few simple money saving exercise ideas.

3. Save Lives!

So while losing weight and feeling great yourself, why not help someone else in need. 100% of income from the advertising on the 'Stop Hunger Diet' pages will be donated to projects which support feeding the world's hungry. You don't have to do anything, just visit these pages, give some feedback, and pass on the message. Or, you can do something. Have a look at how much we have donated so far, and where the money is going.

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