Wall Mounted VJ Testing

The original and most simple method for measuring vertical jump height is against a wall. Although you can use just any wall and a piece of chalk in the hand, there are also other wall mounted grid options. See a procedure for using the wall method.

Below are some examples of wall mounted grids for the measurement of vertical jump, all using magnetic discs for marking the height. See the discussion and list of other measurement methods.

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Wall-Mounted Vertical Jump Tester

vertical jump testThis board features 1" to 48" in 1/2" increments. The measurements are screened for years of use and includes magnets for marking reach and jump height. Includes solid steel board, 48" retrieval rod, and 2 magnets. White with black markings. Board dimensions 50" H x 6" W. [buy]

vertical jump test

Magnetic Jump and Reach Board
from S&S Worldwide

The cheapest of these options, this two-piece blue powder-coated steel board is height adjustable for different age groups. Heights are marked on the board in 1/2" increments with a total range of 33". Board measures 9" x 37". Includes magnets for marking the board. [buy]


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