Warrior Skinfold Caliper

Skinfold calipers are used in the measurement of skinfold thickness and the estimation of total body fat. There are a range of skinfold calipers available, including this one.

warrior skinfold caliperWarrior Skinfold Caliper

The Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper was one of the first calipers to calculate Lean Body Mass and Body Fat%. There are sensors built into the jaws for most accurate sensing. A unique 'beep' sound calculates results once accurate pressure readings are determined. Calculations are based on three skinfold measurements: chest triceps, abdominals and quads. It displays your last and current results for up to four users, so you can easily compare to your previous test. Cost ~$40.

This product is available for purchase: Warrior Digital Body Fat Caliper. These and other skinfold calipers are also available in the Fitness Testing Store.

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