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Mini-Golf Billiards

The unusual sport of mini-golf billiards has the mini-golf hole elevated onto a tabletop, and uses a pool cue to hit the ball instead of a golf putter. I'm not even sure if mini-golf billiards is the correct name for it - maybe it should be table-top golf, golf billiards, or pool golf.

mini-golf billiards game in Switzerland

We saw this setup in the Swiss Alps, maybe having the mini-golf course off the ground enabled them to play in snow conditions, or easily put it away when there is snow. There are a few of these such mini-golf courses around the world, but no actual tournaments. It is just another fun variation of golf.

Not to be confused with ...

There are other sports and games that could also be called golf billiards, but are quite different.

First of all there is the game of golf pool or golf billiards, a pocket billiards game played on a pool table with regular pool cues. Each player needs to pocket their nominated ball in each pocket consecutively. This pool game is usually played for money.

Golf Pool Indoor Game

There is also the Golf Pool Indoor Game (shown) where the ball is hit using a putter, into the holes of a pool table.

Similar Sports

Unlike the Mini-Golf Billiards game described above, these are actual sports with official competitions.

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