FIFA Team of the Year

Here are all the winners of the annual FIFA Team of the Year award since 1993. Team of the Year is awarded to the men's national team that finishes top of the FIFA World Ranking. See also the list of the winners of the annual FIFA Player of the year.

It is a complex formula to calculate FIFA's rankings. The overall score is based on factors such as the importance of the match, strength of opposition and confederation.

In 2013, for the sixth year in a row, Spain was awarded the team of the year. Brazil holds the record of seven consecutive wins between 1994 and 2000.

year national team
2021 Belgium
2020 Belgium
2019 Belgium
2018 Belgium
2017 Germany
2016 Argentina
2015 Belgium
2014 Germany
2013 Spain
2012 Spain
2011 Spain
2010 Spain
2009 Spain
2008 Spain
2007 Argentina
2006 Brazil
2005 Brazil
2004 Brazil
2003 Brazil
2002 Brazil
2001 France
2000 Brazil
1999 Brazil
1998 Brazil
1997 Brazil
1996 Brazil
1995 Brazil
1994 Brazil
1993 Germany


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