AFL Draft Camp Results 2012 State Screening

Here are some fitness test results from the State Screening part of the 2012 AFL draft camp. In addition to the players that were tested in Melbourne, the next level of players are invited to attend a state combine event. The protocol used was slightly different, at the state screenings the players had just one day compared to the national combine where the tests were spread over several days with much more time for recovery. Compare the results below to the top national draft camp results for 2012.

Selected Results - WA (14 Oct, 2012)

West Perth midfielder Shane Nelson was the standout performer at the WA Combine, posting outstanding times in the 20m sprint (2.82sec), agility test (7.85sec) and repeat sprints (24.31sec). Another standout performer was East Fremantle player Max Duffy, who displayed an impressive combination of speed and endurance at the screening. He ran a 2.94sec 20m sprint and a 14.2 beep test. East Fremantle colts ruckman Mack Byron-Pendergast recorded an impressive standing vertical jump (80cm) and running vertical jump (87cm).

Selected Results - SA

Glenelg player Harrison Gill was a standout performer at the State Combine in Adelaide. Gill finished second in the 20m sprint, agility test, standing vertical leap and the beep test. His agility time of 8.2 seconds would have been second best at the recent NAB AFL Draft Combine at Etihad Stadium, while his 20m sprint time of 2.85 seconds would have seen him finish third. His beep test score of 14.2 would have been good enough for a top-10 place. Other standouts were North Adelaide's Jake Liston who topped the beep test with 14.7, Sam Underwood who matched Gill's 2.85-second 20m sprint and Brad Hartman impressed with an 8.15 second agility test (and also 2.95 over 20m). Kaiden Brand, who is a fairly tall ruckman at 198cm, ran a 2.93 in the sprint, so he was fairly quick as well.

Selected Results - VIC

The tests conducted on the day were the 20 meter sprint test, vertical Jump (standing and running), agility test, repeat sprint test, beep test. Players also underwent a Body Composition test and Psychological Testing. The testing was conducted at Etihad Stadium, and included a group of Victorian, Tasmanian, Queenland (7 players) and NSW/ACT invitees. Highlights of the testing included Tom Fields 20m sprint time of 2.85 secs (would have been in the top 3 at the National combine testing) and the endurance running from Blake Grewar, Josh Smith and Scott Clouston in the Shuttle Run (Beep Test) who all recorded 14.2.

Here are the top 3 performances for a few of the tests:

20 Meter Sprint

  1. Tom Fields 2.85 secs
  2. Scott Clouston 3.08 secs
  3. Jamie Skennar 3.13 secs

Agility Test

  1. Scott Clouston 8.27 secs
  2. Tom Fields 8.42 secs
  3. Jamie Skennar 8.56 secs

Beep Test

  1. Blake Grewar 14.2
  2. Scott Clouston 14.2
  3. Josh Smith 14.2



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