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AFL Draft Combine Player List 2012

Here is the list of the players who attended the 2012 NAB AFL Draft Combine at Etihad Stadium. An additional 130 players were tested in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. The list is sorted by state followed by field position.

First Name Surname Club State Position
Zac Williams Narrandera NSW Medium Defender
Dominic Barry North Ballarat Rebels NT Medium Midfielder
Jed Anderson NT Thunder NT Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Jake Neade North Ballarat Rebels NT Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Jarrod Stokes Darwin NT Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Brian Coleman-Broome Morningside Qld Medium Forward
Andrew Boston Broadbeach Qld Medium Midfielder
Aliir Aliir Aspley Qld Ruckman
Clay Cameron Mt Gravatt Qld Tall Defender
Jordon Bourke Morningside Qld Tall Forward
Paul Marschall Central Districts SA Medium Defender
Steven Baldasso Norwood SA Medium Forward
Tullio Dematteis Norwood SA Medium Forward
Sam Mayes North Adelaide SA Medium Forward
Matthew McDonough Woodville West Torrens SA Medium Forward
Troy Menzel Central Districts SA Medium Forward
Brodie Murdoch Glenelg SA Medium Forward
Tim Sumner Woodville West Torrens SA Medium Forward
Tim Broomhead Port Adelaide SA Medium Midfielder
Luke Dunstan Woodville West Torrens SA Medium Midfielder
Emmanual Irra South Adelaide SA Medium Midfielder
Jimmy Toumpas Woodville West Torrens SA Medium Midfielder
Brodie Grundy Sturt SA Ruckman
Jack Hannath Central Districts SA Ruckman
Sam Colquhoun Central Districts SA Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Ben Kennedy Glenelg SA Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Harley Montgomery Sturt SA Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Nathan Stark Glenelg SA Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Tim O'Brien Glenelg SA Tall Forward
Jesse Lonergan Launceston Tas Medium Midfielder
Toby Nankervis North Launceston Tas Ruckman
Sam Siggins Lauderdale Tas Tall Defender
Jackson Thurlow Launceston Tas Tall Defender
Mitchell Van Den Berg North Launceston Tas Tall Forward
Jason Ashby Oakleigh Chargers Vic Medium Defender
Cameron Banfield Sandringham Dragons Vic Medium Defender
Matthew Dick Calder Cannons Vic Medium Defender
Martin Gleeson North Ballarat Rebels Vic Medium Defender
Matthew Haynes Northern Knights Vic Medium Defender
Jackson Macrae Oakleigh Chargers Vic Medium Defender
Jake McKenzie Western Jets Vic Medium Defender
Leigh Osborne Frankston Vic Medium Defender
Tom Tyquin Sandringham Dragons Vic Medium Defender
Nick Vlastuin Northern Knights Vic Medium Defender
Nathan Wright Dandenong Stingrays Vic Medium Defender
Rory Atkins Calder Cannons Vic Medium Forward
Taylor Garner Dandenong Stingrays Vic Medium Forward
Louis Herbert North Ballarat Rebels Vic Medium Forward
Ben Kearns Gippsland Power Vic Medium Forward
Tim Membrey Gippsland Power Vic Medium Forward
Jason Pongracic Dandenong Stingrays Vic Medium Forward
Jacob Ballard Northern Knights Vic Medium Midfielder
Matthew Crouch North Ballarat Rebels Vic Medium Midfielder
Nick Graham Gippsland Power Vic Medium Midfielder
Lachie Hunter Western Jets Vic Medium Midfielder
Joshua Kelly Sandringham Dragons Vic Medium Midfielder
Jonathan O'Rourke Calder Cannons Vic Medium Midfielder
Dean Towers North Ballarat Roosters Vic Medium Midfielder
Lachie Whitfield Dandenong Stingrays Vic Medium Midfielder
Oliver Wines Bendigo Pioneers Vic Medium Midfielder
Joe Daniher Calder Cannons Vic Ruckman
Darcy Fort Geelong Falcons Vic Ruckman
Sam Gilmore Northern Knights Vic Ruckman
Liam McBean Calder Cannons Vic Ruckman
Lewis Pierce Dandenong Stingrays Vic Ruckman
Chris Prowse  Oakleigh Chargers Vic Ruckman
Will Hams Gippsland Power Vic Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Nathan Hrovat Northern Knights Vic Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Adam Saad Calder Cannons Vic Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Tom Temay Sandringham Dragons Vic Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Jack Viney Casey Scorpions Vic Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Tom Clurey Murray Bushrangers Vic Tall Defender
Aidan Corr Northern Knights Vic Tall Defender
Kristian Jaksch Oakleigh Chargers Vic Tall Defender
Tom Langdon Sandringham Dragons Vic Tall Defender
Lachie Plowman Calder Cannons Vic Tall Defender
Tanner Smith North Ballarat Rebels Vic Tall Defender
Matthew Brett Murray Bushrangers Vic Tall Forward
Michael Close North Ballarat Rebels Vic Tall Forward
Josh Scott Gippsland Power Vic Tall Forward
James Stewart Sandringham Dragons Vic Tall Forward
Jake Stringer Bendigo Pioneers Vic Tall Forward
Mason Wood Geelong Falcons Vic Tall Forward
Sean Lynch South Fremantle WA Medium Defender
Jackson Ramsay East Perth WA Medium Defender
Dayle Garlett Claremont WA Medium Forward
Josh Simpson East Fremantle WA Medium Forward
Marvin Warrell South Fremantle WA Medium Forward
Laine Wilkins Peel Thunder WA Medium Forward
Jack Martin Claremont WA Medium Midfielder
Myles Bolger South Fremantle WA Ruckman
Cameron Symonds East Fremantle WA Ruckman
Adam Carter South Fremantle WA Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Chris Deluca-Cardillo Subiaco WA Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Shannon Taylor Claremont WA Small Mid/Def/Fwd
Harrison Marsh East Fremantle WA Tall Defender
Kamdyn McIntosh Peel Thunder WA Tall Defender
Nick Rodda West Perth WA Tall Defender
Brandt Colledge Perth WA Tall Forward
Jesse Hogan Claremont WA Tall Forward
Marco Paparone East Fremantle WA Tall Forward
Mason Shaw South Fremantle WA Tall Forward


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