Food Service at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014

The food supplied in the athlete's village at the Commonwealth Games needs to cater for a diversity of sports, cultures, ages and special dietary needs. Here is some information about the Commonwealth Games village and food menu for Glasgow in 2014. See more about Commonwealth Games nutrition.

About the Village and Food Hall

The Games Village stretches over 35 hectares and will be home to 6,500 athletes and officials. The main dining room can seat more than 2,000 people. An estimated 400,000 meals will be required, not including the grab'n go options available for athletes needing food to take away. It is an estimated that 60,000 potatoes, 500,000 pieces of fruit and 25,000 litres of milk will be consumed.

The Menu

There are 150 chefs producing 2,000 different items. Hot choices include spicy kitchen, Halal food, pizza and pasta, a deli, gluten free meals, and classic meals from the region. Breakfast choices include cereal, yogurt, a range of fruits, pastries and cakes and the full "Scottish breakfast" including sausages, bacon, eggs and even black pudding. The Scottish delicacy haggis will also be on the menu.

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