A career as a Sports Dietitian?

What does a sports dietitian do?

The primary aim of the sports dietitian, also known as a sports nutritionist, is to use a range of dietary strategies to maximize performance. They commonly do this through individual and group/team nutrition counseling and education sessions. See also what does a sport dietitian do for a comprehensive listing of the possible services provided by a sports dietitian.

How to become a sports dietitian

To become a sports dietitian, you should have an interest in food and sport, . You will need at least a university degree in an approved nutrition or dietetics course, to become registered as a dietitian in your country. To work as a Sports Dietitian, you may need to do a specific course and undergo a certain amount of work experience in the field. The International Olympic Committee offers a postgraduate-level distance learning program in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, while in Australia you must attend an annual Sports Nutrition Further Education Course before you can become accredited as a sports dietitian.


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