World Menu Analysis : Sydney 2000

The following information summarizes information that was part of a nutrition website created for the athletes at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games that is unfortunately no longer available. See more on the World Menu for Sydney 2000. This page is about the menu developed developed for international athletes attending the Olympic Games. The menu contained over 1,500 individual food items designed to meet the nutritional needs of athletes, cater for cultural and religious requirements, and reflect the culinary diversity of Sydney

The Biochemistry Department at The University of Sydney developed a website and database to assist in the communication of the menu to the athletes. It provided an analysis of all the foods on the menu to ensure that athletes were informed about the nutritional content of their meals.

The database included for each meal item:

There were four different ways for the athletes to view the menu: view by day, nutrition search, food finder and special dietary needs. Below are snapshots of each of these webpages to show how the athlete was able to find out more informaiton about the menu.

View by Day - enabling the athletes to look at a list the dishes available at each time on any one day - (eg, Breakfast on a particular date). food by day
Nutrition Search - enabling the athletes to search for dishes based on specific sports nutrition needs (eg, high carbohydrate). nutrition search
Food Finder - enabling the athletes to search for their favorite dishes by name, or for meals which they would like to try.
Special Dietary Needs - enabling the athletes to find dishes which meet specific dietary needs (eg, low lactose, no nuts). dietary needs


The nutritional information for each dish was calculated using information from the caterer at the Village. 


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