Underwear for Sport

When exercising or playing sport, it's essential that men receive a level of support from their underwear.

Choosing the best pair of underwear for sport will somewhat come down to personal preference in design, budget and style, however there are certainly some key differentiators to look out for when making a decision.

Here's a few considerations on men's sports underwear.

What to look for in men's underwear for sport

As we alluded to in the opening paragraph, the most important aspect of men's underwear for sport, is how supportive they are. Athletes are constantly on the move and their manhood needs to avoid any uncomfortable slapping or bouncing.

That's right, an athlete needs to lock down his manhood with a highly supportive pair of underwear.

The next aspect to keep in mind when choosing the best pair of men's underwear for sport is comfort. The fabric should feature moisture wicking material and the cut should avoid chafing between the thighs.

Chafing is especially an issue for bigger men so keep your leg length in mind when making a final decision.

You may also want to consider the type of material and fabric the underwear is made from. Choose fabrics that are fast-drying, odor resistant and highly durable; these are perfect for all-day comfortable wear for any kind of activity.

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Why your classic cotton underwear just won't do

Your classic pair of cotton underwear may be comfortable in your day to day work routine, but when it comes to underwear for sport, they're a disaster.

Sure, they may hold up during less strenuous forms of exercise such as walking or some forms of strength training that don't involve a lot of leg movement but level up to contact sports, or sprinting on foot or the bike, or high intensity circuit training and things will start to get wet.

The cotton fabric will absorb sweat which makes them heavier and more irritating as they start to rub against your sensitive skin.

As an athlete, you don't have to put yourself through the torture anymore.

One of the best pair of men's underwear for sport

One of the best brands of men's underwear for sports we've found is UFM Underwear with their adjustable support pouch.

This pair of underwear is designed specifically for athletes and those most active during their day to day routine. UFM Underwear cradles your manhood and completely eliminates skin on skin contact, so chafing is a thing of the past.

The underwear is also highly breathable, with lightweight fabrics wicking sweat and drying fast to keep you clean and fresh throughout your entire game or workout.

The most intriguing aspect about UFM Underwear for men however, is their patented adjustable support pouch system which takes support to a whole other level. Made from stretch mesh fabric that gently lifts, your package is isolated and supported inside the pouch at all times.

Finally, you're able to also use the drawstrings to tighten or loosen the support on offer as per your personal preference.


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