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7 Tips for Choosing Protective Sunglasses for Sports

There’s so much that goes into buying the best protective sunglasses for sports. It is vital to understand the best tips for finding the best sunglasses for sports. This is because not all sunglasses are suitable for sporting activities because of the different needs of every sport.

This article has everything you need to know about buying sunglasses for sports. It will be vital to learn why choosing protective sunglasses carefully matters. This post will help you know what protective sunglasses will best suit the sport you play.

Let’s get started with all you should know about choosing sunglasses for sports.

1. Look for Light-Weight Frames and Lenses

You don’t want to wear something bulky while playing the sport you love. This is why you need to carefully choose the frames and lenses of the sunglasses you choose. For example, you should ensure that the frames and lenses of your sunglasses are as lightweight as possible.

The best material for sunglasses to consider when looking to buy lightweight frames and lenses is polycarbonate. Besides weighing less than other materials, these materials will guarantee you the best durability. Another safety feature is that the polycarbonate material is impact-resistant.

2. Consider the Level of Comfort the Glasses Offer

It is important to ensure that the sunglasses you wear are as comfortable as possible. You need to think about considering the level of comfort and the grip. This is because you won’t be able to play comfortably if the sunglasses you wear do not fit into your face properly.

You need to consider the level of comfort when buying the correct fit of prescription sports sunglasses online. You can take a few measurements before you start shopping for the best safety prescription sunglasses. It will be vital to get the width, height, and length of the lens and frame right before you shop.

3. Check the Ratings of the Sunglasses

There are ratings put on different sports sunglasses on the market. The ratings are meant to show the quality of the sunglasses one is about to purchase. Thus, ratings are among the most essential factors to consider before putting your money on the line to ensure you settle on the best.

Different bodies check the quality of sunglasses and rate them, such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Buying the best-rated sunglasses with ANSI certification will make it easier to get the desired quality for your sport.

buying sports sunglassesthere are many things to consider when buying sports sunglasses

4. Match the Lens Tint to the Sports Activity

There are different kinds of sports activities that one can take part in. For instance, you could be an athlete who needs sunglasses to prevent foreign items from entering your eyes as you run. Or, you could be a swimmer who needs to keep water off their eyes for comfort.

The sunglasses need to be effective in ensuring you have the best view. That's why the lens needs to match your sporting activity. You shouldn’t buy lenses that won’t give you the best color accuracy. The focus should be on ensuring the lenses are clear and also offer the best contrast.

If you are using sunglasses for outdoor activities, then a fairly dark lens might work for you. However, if you play football, volleyball, or any related sport, then you’ll need a clearer lens. You should ensure that the prescription sports sunglasses you buy online have a lens that will best fit your sport.

5. Personalize Your Sports Sunglasses

It will also be vital to ensure that you customize your sports sunglasses. There are different needs that you might have because of the type of games you play. It will be crucial to consider the wide range of strengths of sunglasses to ensure you buy the best.

Personalizing sunglasses means choosing different parts that fit your preferences. The ideal frame and lens should be strong enough to weather different elements while playing. You can customize sunglasses by choosing the frame color, adding or removing the jawbone, etc.

Whether you are buying prescription sunglasses online or in a physical store, customizing them is a great idea. Most manufacturers of prescription sunglasses are open to customizing sunglasses. But it's also worth noting that it might be tricky to return a customized order.

6. Prioritize Anti-Fog Lenses and Ventilated Frames

Fog can be challenging for anyone, especially for those who play outdoor sports. Most sunglasses will come with anti-fog lens treatments. This coating makes it possible to ensure that you get the best vision under different temperatures, humidity, and other conditions.

It will also be vital to consider investing in ventilated frames. These frames allow air to get into the sunglasses, which helps prevent sweat from building up around your eyes. Dryness will help ensure that you are more comfortable while playing. It will also help keep the glasses intact.

7. Check for Full Coverage

It is critical that the sunglasses you buy cover your eyes properly. This helps prevent debris and other things from getting into your eyes. This is important especially for athletes because they might run against the wind. Protecting your eyes means your vision won’t be affected at all.

Competitive swimmers also need a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes. These glasses can help prevent red eyes and irritation that might come with water getting into your eyes. That will make swimming safer and more comfortable and in the end, help you win your competitions. 


Those are some of the best tips to use when choosing protective sunglasses. The reality is that buying the right sunglasses isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to ensure that you follow the tips shared above to ensure that you choose sunglasses that offer the best safety.

This article can be an excellent guide to ensuring that you choose the right protective glasses for your needs. Looking at things like the safety standards of the sunglasses you want to buy is the most critical thing. You need to ensure they will protect your eyes effectively.

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