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How to Juggle

Four Balls

Juggling with 4 balls - the challenge continues. Read instructions below, and see the 4 ball instructional video too.

The most important and challing aspect of four ball juggling is your left and right hand throwing evenly. Here are some practice and warm up exercises using two balls.

  1. throw balls simultaneously ensuring they peak at the same height
  2. two ball in one hand throwing in a circular pattern
  3. two balls in one hand throwing in parallel

exercises 2 and 3 are vital in four ball juggling - so practice hard, and before moving on to four balls ensure your left and right hand throw evenly

Ready!! Four ball juggling makes use of an illusion. The same two balls will remain in that hand - they do not cross over. The effect is simply achieved by throwing from eachhand alternately. Four balls does take time to master, so don't get disheartened, the end result is well worth the wait!!