Healthy Guide to Eating Take Out / Takeaway

If you are trying to lose weight or to eat healthy foods, going to a restaurant or getting take out can pose a problem for some people. There are many things you can look out for and choices you can make to make such an outing to be stress free and enjoyable. Here are some ideas for a variety of food choices.

Sandwiches & Rolls

Avoid butter, margarine, mayonnaise. Instead fill your sandwiches with lean meats, egg or tuna plus lots of salad.


Depending on your nutritional goals, you may want to choose a thin base which is lower in fat, or a thick base which is higher in carbohydrates. As toppings, use lean meat and vegetarian options. Also ask for less cheese.


Make to choice of a smaller burger, and have only one of beef/cheese/bacon or egg. Ask for extra salad, and use tomato sauce instead of mayo.


Have BBQ or rotisserie chicken instead of fried, battered and crumbed. Remove the skin and stuffing before eating. Breast meat is lower in fat. Avoid nuggets and chips.


When eating Italian food, watch out for high fat dishes, such as creamy or pesto/oil based sauces. Try tomato based sauces with vegetables, and ask for plain bread instead of the buttery garlic bread.


Avoid deep fried or battered foods. Vegetable stir fry dishes are the best options. Also choose steamed plain rice over the fried variety.

Fish & Chips

Have you fish grilled rather than battered and fried. Oven baked chips/fries are much lower in fat than those bought at the shop.


Great choices are burritos and enchiladas. Avoid foods that are high in fat such as cheese, sour cream, avocados and corn chips. Mexican meals are typically large serves so make sure you only eat what you need.

Sweets / Desserts

Low fat fruit smoothies, frozen yogurt or gelati are ideal after meal sweet treats.

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