Top 10 Agility Sports

Which sports are rated highest for Agility? This list is based on the ratings of the factors of success considered most important by visitors to this website. The sport with the highest rating is currently Ultimate Frisbee.

The ratings are still being recorded (this list from Nov 2016), so the list order may change over time. Although over 50 of the world's major sports have been analyzed, there may be others that were not included and could also be ranked highly too. You can add your own rating for sports. The agility sports ranking list by the expert panel from ESPN may provide a more reliable list.

Ranking Sport Rating
1 Ultimate Frisbee 92
2 Surfing 89
3 American Football 88
4 Boxing 85
5 Handball 85
6 Rugby League 84
7 Badminton 84
8 Table Tennis 84
9 Netball 84
10 Softball 84

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