Strength Shoes - Are they worth it?

Strength Shoes are training footwear that are designed to strengthen your body so you can jump higher, increase your vertical leap, run faster and increase quickness. They are becoming increasingly popular with athletes in sports that include jumping ability, such as basketball, football, volleyball, and gymnastics, but the question is whether they give any extra benefit over just regular strength training.


Expect to pay over $150 for these features:

strength shoesTheory

The strength shoes are designed to elevate the feet and prevent the heels from striking the ground during activity. This effectively gives the lower leg calf muscles a really good workout.


A peer reviewed and independent research study did not find any benefits in wearing the shoe (Cook et al.). Anecdotal evidence from the guys at the gym may give another view. As with many of these training gimmicks, you would be better off saving your money and time, and concentrating on using the tried and tested methods in the gym doing hard work lifting weight.



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