Anthropometry of Olympic Athletes in 1900

An anthropometric program was undertaken at the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris. Measurements were undertaken on volunteer athletes who were willing to undergo the examination. Measurements were taken of height and weight, and of the different segments of the body. Biomechanical measures were also taken.

Irving Baxter (USA) winner of the 1900 Irving Baxter (USA) winner of the 1900
high jump and pole vault events
from the Official Report 1900

In addition, photographs were taken of various subjects in three aspects (front, back and side), and photographs of them performing their event. Medical examinations were also undertaken, such as spirometry for lung function, oxygen consumption measurement, and weight before and after exercise to determine fluid losses.

source: Exposition universelle internationale de 1900 à paris concours internationaux d'exercices physiques et de sports – Report of the International Expo 1900 in Paris, International Events, Physical Exercise and Sports.

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