Medal Designs

The Commonwealth Games medal designs are different each year. Here are details about a few of them.

2006 Designs

BHP Billiton provided the silver for the production of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games’ silver medals.

2010 Designs

The medals for the 2010 Commonwealth Games were designed, developed and manufactured by The India Government Mint, Kolkata. The design has been described as clean and simple. The dominant form is a rising upward spiral that starts taking shape from the plain textured base, gradually becoming the highlight of the medal, which represents the rise to glory for each athlete from struggle to their moment of glory.

Melbourne Commonwealth Games MedalsThe front of the medal has the Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi logo and dates. The back has the emblem of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF). The medal is 6 mm thick with a diameter of 63.5 mm.

The lanyard of the medal carries all six Games colors (pink, purple, green, red, yellow and blue) blending into each other.


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