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Sports in Panama have contributed much in shaping its culture. Though most of their sports were influenced by the U.S. they had successfully made its mark to be a globally competitive country.

Baseball is Panama’s national sport, influenced by the U.S.. Their national team, called Panama National Baseball team, are the 13th ranked baseball team in the world. Bruce Kastulo Chen is one of the notable baseball players of Panama. He pitched for the country twice, one was in 2006, the inaugural of World Baseball Classic, and in the year 2009.

Basketball is also gaining popularity among the netizens. They have regional teams that compete internationally. The most prominent basketball player they had was Rolando Blackman who was a four-time NBA-All Star.

Another pride for Panama is boxing and they currently have two reigning world boxing champions namely, Guillermo Jones and Anselmo Moreno while Eusebio Pedroza, Roberto Duran, Ismael Laguna and Panama Al Brown are members of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. The Gulf Coast Triathlon is also a great sports event in Panama that started around 1982 and is held annually from then on. This event features a swim in the gulf of Mexico, a bike in Bay County, and a run through Panama City Beach.

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